I owe my weight loss success of 52kg to the help of my Personal Trainer, Dennis Houghton. After suffering postnatal depression after the birth of my first child in 2010, and weighing 124kg and having a BMI over 50, I really needed to make a change. I started training and lost 10kg on my own, but then stopped losing weight and was unsure how to reach my goal of being a healthy mother and role model for my daughter.

I approached Dennis who works as a Personal Trainer for his professional help on how I could reach my goals. With Dennis' help I have lost 52kg in total, even though in the middle of this journey I became pregnant for a second time and had another baby. I saw Dennis throughout my pregnancy in order to stay on track to maintain a healthy lifestyle while pregnant. I am truly grateful for the help and support that he has given me. I don't think I could have done this without him. The road was not always easy, lots of highs and lows, but with Dennis by my side I was able to achieve many goals, not all of which were weight loss related. I have run in 5 and 10km fun runs, and other things I never thought I would do.

I highly recommend Dennis as a Personal Trainer.

Donna Emerson