Weight Loss Coaching

  • Are you tired of struggling with your extra weight?
  • Always thinking about weight loss?
  • Having no energy to enjoy life?
  • Struggling with your weight, despite dieting for years?
  • Need clear directions?

Weight Loss Coach is about helping you change your habits so that you can achieve your goals. Our focus is on moving you from being ready to lose weight to actively achieving results.

We will offer you guidance on food and activity and to help you to establish your goals. Together work out any barriers that maybe standing in the way of you achieving these goals and how we can overcome them.

Helping people to transform their health and fitness in the South Canberra, Tuggeranong and Queanbeyan area of the ACT.

Weight Loss Coaching includes:

  • Wellness Assessment;
  • One on One Coaching Sessions in our office;
  • Nutritional Guidance;
  • Designing a Program Specific to your Goals; and
  • Monitoring Progress;
    • Body Assessments;
    • Help with Goal Setting;
    • Your Meal Plans Checked; and
    • Telephone and / or email support.

Weight Loss Coaching (approx 45 minutes)

Session $60